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  • Technological Innovation

    Miao Changwen

    Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, professor, doctoral supervisor, and president of the company, winner of “Prize for Scientific and Technological Innovation of Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation”, winner of “Fourth National Outstanding Professional Technical Talents Award”, one of the “Top Ten Outstanding Patent Inventors of Jiangsu Province”, expert enjoying “Special Government Allowance of the State Council”, “Advanced Individual of Returned Overseas Student of Jiangsu Province”, one of the “Top Ten Meritorious Workers in Science and Technology of Nanjing”, “Model Worker of Jiangsu Province”, and winner of the “First Pioneering and Innovation Talent Award of Jiangsu Province”.

    Main research fields: High-performance civil engineering materials 

    Part-time Academic Jobs: Member of the Management and Decision-Making Committee of RILEM; President of ACI China Chapter,  Vice president of China Building Material Council.

    Major academic achievements: Prof. Miao has been engaged in theoretical research and engineering technology application research of civil engineering materials for a long time. He has been working on the front line of  major national construction projects for over 20 years. He has successively undertaken more than 30 national, provincial and ministerial scientific research projects, including projects of National 973 Program and key projects funded by the National Natural Science Foundation. He has made several achievements in the area of key technology for concrete cracking resistance improvement, service life and durability improvement technology of major infrastructure projects, and research and development of multifunctional civil engineering materials. These achievements have successfully been applied in major construction projects, which have made a significant contribution to the Chinese engineering construction sector. He has been awarded second class of State Scientific and Technological Progress Award 3 times, second class of State Technological Invention Award once, and first class of Provincial Scientific and Technological Progress Award 7 times. He has been granted 83 national patents of inventions which have been authorized. He has published 4 monographs and more than 200 papers, among which 150 papers have been indexed by SCI, EI or ISTP.

    Liu Jiaping

    Researcher level senior engineer, doctoral supervisor, professor of Southeast University, director of State Key Laboratory of High Performance Civil Engineering Materials, and president of the company. He has been awarded the “National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars”, “National 5.1 Labor Medal”, “Outstanding Engineer Award” and “Special Government Allowance of the State Council ”. He has been elected as a Fellow of Concrete Institute, national candidates?of “New Century Hundred-Thousand-Ten Thousand Talent Project” and “First Level 333 Talent Cultivation Program of Jiangsu Province”.

    Main research fields: Regulation and control of fluidity of modern concrete, early deformation and crack control of high performance concrete, and improvement of mechanical properties of super high performance concrete 

    Part-time Academic Jobs: Vice President of China Concrete and Cement Products Association; Vice President of China Branch of ACI; Deputy Chairman of  National Technical Committee for the Standardization of Concrete.

    Major academic achievements:He has focused on the research of mechanism of high performance concrete and invented functional cement-based reinforcements for the improvement of fluidity, cracking –resistant and mechanical property. He has successively undertaken or participated in more than 30  scientific research projects, including National 973 Program, National Natural Science Foundation projects, and National Programs for Science and Technology Development. He has applied for 126 patents of invention, including 60 in which he was the first inventor, 1 patent winning the Chinese Patent Silver Award, 4 patents winning the Excellent Award, and 4 international patents, forming three core patent groups.  He has published over 150 papers which were  indexed by SCI or EI and has been awarded second class of State Technological Invention Award once, and second class of State Scientific and Technological Progress Award four times.

    Ran Qianping

    Ph.D., researcher level senior engineer, chief scientist of State Key Laboratory of High Performance Civil Engineering Materials, visiting scholar of Columbia University in the City of New York, winner of “National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars”, national candidate of “New Century Hundred-Thousand-Ten Thousand Talents Project”, Young and Middle-aged Chief Scientist of “333 Project of Jiangsu Province”, winner of “Qiushi Outstanding Youth Award for Achievements Transformation”, winner of “National Award for Youth in Science and Technology”, expert receiving “State Council Special Allowance”, “National Young and Middle-aged Expert with Remarkable Contributions”, winner of “Innovation Medal?of Jiangsu Province”, “Young and Middle-aged Expert with Remarkable Contributions of Jiangsu Province”, one of the “Top Ten Youth Science and Technology Talents of Jiangsu Province”, a meritorious person of science and technology of Nanjing, and one of the “Top Ten Science and Technology Talents of Nanjing”.

    Major academic achievements:Focusing on the research of advanced functional materials for construction industry, he has undertaken or participated in more than 30 scientific research projects including projects of National 973 Program. He is also presiding over the National key Research and Development Program. He has been awarded second class of State Technological Invention Award once, second class of State Scientific and Technological Progress Award once, first class of Ministerial and Provincial-Level Scientific and Technological Progress Award 5 times, and Chinese Patent Award of Excellence 4 times. He has been granted more than 150 patents of invention, 2 of which were authorized by PCT; he has published more than 200 scientific papers cumulatively, in which more than 100 papers are indexed by SCI and EI; he has co-drafted eight  industry standards.

    Hong Jinxiang

    Ph.D., researcher level senior engineer, Dean of the Sobute Research Institute, Vice-director of State Key Laboratory of High Performance Civil Engineering Materials. He has been elected as one of the national candidates of “New Century Hundred-Thousand-Ten Thousand Talent Project” and “Young and Middle-aged Leading Scientists, Engineers and Innovators” and “Second Level 333 Talent Cultivation Program of Jiangsu Province”. Dr. Hong has been awarded “Special Government Allowance of the State Council ”, “Science & Technology Award for Young and Middle-aged Talents of Jiangsu Province”, “Science & Technology Award for Young and Middle-aged Talents of Chinese Ceramic Society”, and the “5.1 Labor Medal of Jiangsu Province” along with several other individual honors.

    Major academic achievements:Focusing on the research of high early strength cementitious materials, cement-asphalt composites, recycling and anti-rutting technologies in asphalt pavement, he has undertaken or participated in more than 40 scientific research projects, including the National Keypoint Research and Invention Program, National 973 Program, National Natural Science Foundation, Transportation Construction Project in Western China, Major Scientific and Technological Research Project of Railway Ministry. He has also done Projects for the Development and Application of Engineering Technology in National Key Projects, such as Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway and Sutong Bridge. His research contributed to developments of high-speed railways, highways and bridges across China, making significant economic and social benefits. He has been awarded the State Technological Invention Award (second class) and Chinese Patent Award of Excellence once,  Provincial and Ministerial Science and Technology Progress Awards three times. He has been granted over 60 patents of invention and published over 100 papers.

    Tian Qian

    Ph.D. of Southeast University, post doctorate of Technical University of Denmark and Purdue University, researcher level senior engineer, vice-chief engineer. She is the DAC member of RILEM, expert member of the Expansive Concrete Division of CCPA, a Registered Consulting Expert of Jiangsu Province, young and middle-aged leading scientists of “333 Project of Jiangsu Province”, one of the “Top Ten of Youth Technology Talents of Jiangsu Province”, “Young and Middle-aged Expert with Remarkable Contribution of Jiangsu”, “Young and Middle-aged Expert with Remarkable Contribution of Nanjing”, “Young and Middle-aged Industry Leaders in Technical Disciplines of Nanjing”, “March 8 (International Women's Day) Red-Banner Pacesetters”, and was a torchbearer of 2008 Olympic Games.

    Major academic achievements:Focusing on the research of concrete deformation and cracking, self-compacting concrete and high performance grouting materials, she has undertaken or participated in over 40 scientific research projects including the projects of  National 973 Program and National Natural Science Foundation. She has been awarded the second class of State Technological Invention Award once, the second class of State Scientific and Technological Progress Award  three times, first class of Provincial and Ministerial Science and Technology Progress Award twice, the second class of Provincial and Ministerial Science and Technology Progress Award three times, and the third class of Provincial and Ministerial Science and Technology Progress Award twice. She has been granted 49 patents of invention, including 2 patents granted by the USA and Japan. She has published 100 dissertations, in which over 70 have been indexed by SCI & EI. She has co-drafted four industry standards and  co-organized four SBT-SEU- RILEM Doctoral Courses.

    Liu Jianzhong?

    Ph.D., researcher level senior engineer, vice-chief engineer, visiting scholar of Iowa State University. He is one of the Young and Middle-aged Scientific Leaders of “333 Project of Jiangsu Province”, “Young and Middle-aged Expert with Remarkable Contribution of Jiangsu”, “Young and Middle-aged Top-notch Talent of Nanjing”, winner of “Award for Youth in Science & Technology of Jiangsu Province” and “Award for Youth in Science & Technology of Chinese Ceramic Society”. Vice Chairman of Ultra-High Performance Cement-based Materials and Engineering Technology Branch and Concrete Materials and Engineering Testing Branch of China Concrete and Cement Products Association. He is the headman of China technical guidance expert group for the Concrete Construction Work of the 45th World Skills Competition.

    Major academic achievements:His research focuses on rheology, strengthening, toughening and durability of high and ultra-high performance concrete. He has undertaken or participated in over 30 scientific research projects including the projects of National 973 Program, National Keypoint Research and Invention Program, National Natural Science Foundation. He has helped solve many application technical problems of national key projects such as Sutong Bridge, Tianwan Nuclear Power, Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway, Suzhou Metro, and Nanjing No.5 Yangtze River Bridge. He has been awarded the second class of State Scientific and Technological Progress Award twice, the special award of Provincial and Ministerial Science and Technology  Progress Award once, the first class of Provincial and Ministerial Science and Technology Progress Award five times, and the second class of Provincial and Ministerial Science and Technology Progress Award three times. He has published over 170 dissertations, among which more than 60 have been indexed by SCI & EI. He has more than 60 authorized  patents and co-drafted 16 technical standards.

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